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Information in English

MessagePosté: Ven 25 Juil 2014 20:48
par p_vaness
All, I thought I would share a few english-language information:

This great document by Jacques Bec-: How can we win this war with Pudendal Neuralgia

And some discussion about the imaging quality to (try to) visualize nerves [ MRI from Potter or MRN from Filler] ... =69&t=2490

And this article on what can physiotherapy do for Pudendal neuralgia: ... eating-pn/

Pour mes ami(e)s francais, vous pouvez aussi jeter tout ces liens dans google translate qui le traduira pour vous !

There also are two books on the topic, in english:
Heal Pelvic Pain, from Amy Stein who claims to have avoided surgery to hear PN/PNE patients
Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain, from Weiss

Re: Information in English

MessagePosté: Mer 24 Juin 2015 15:51
par p_vaness

After 14 years of suffering, he found a cure with restorative exercises, Katy Bowman's method.
Apres 14 ans de np, il est gueri grace aux exercises de cette biomechaniste : Katy Bowman's method.

Pour lire en francais, collez ce lien dans google translate, c est magique!