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This site is produced by French people suffering from pudendal neuralgia. It’s the result of their own personal experiences, their research and their own respective knowledge on the subject. Their work is voluntary.
PudendalSite is an independent site that aims to provide free, clear and accessible information for everybody.
Our objective: Contribute to the development of information related to pudendal neuralgia.

Welcome to this site exclusively dedicated to pudendal neuralgia. You will find information on the illness to help you to identify it better, as well as information on what you will need to do to obtain a clear diagnosis.

Pudendal neuralgia originates from a nerve based in the deep part of the buttox, called "le nerf honteux" or "ashamed nerve" also called "pudendal nerve" from the latin word "pudendus" which means ashamed. It irrigates all the pelvic area and therefore the most private parts of the body.

This illness is unknown to most health professionals, which means that most patients spend a lot of time and energy in endless medical examinations and consultations. This can result in physically and emotionally traumatic consequences.
Moreover, the various symptoms of the illness very often lead to a wrong diagnosis such as clear urine cystalgies , vaginal mycosis, prostratite chronic abacterienne, hemorroides and psychosamatic diseases.

This is why we have developed this site. We want to stop the silence, the taboo and the lack of knowledge surrounding this illness. Our objective is to allow people affected by this illness to have access to the right information and therefore be diagnosed quicker and to increase their chance of healing.

Traduction : Mme Patricia Pellizza

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